The business we are in changes people’s lives.

We give our customers opportunities to change their lives, now we have found a way to change our employees’ lives.

What was your initial reaction to the 4 Day Work Week?

Who will else benefit from 4 Day Work Week and 3 Day Weekend?

What will you do with your 3 Day Weekend?

How did you spend your SDO (Scheduled Day Off)? 

ICE Group Director Margaret Cox joins Liam Coburn & Venetia Quick on Q102FM to discuss the 4 Day Week. 


The Opinion Line with PJ Coogan on Cork’s 96FM.

ICE Group Director Margaret Cox speaks with PJ Coogan on Cork’s 96FM about the 4 Day Work Week and 3 Day Weekend.


Margaret Cox discusses the 4 Day Work Week with Keith Finnegan on Galway Bay FM


Dublin Talks with Adrian Kennedy on 98FM – The 4 Day Work Week Discussion with Margaret Cox.


Margaret Cox discusses the 4 Day Work Week with Joe Nash on Limerick Today – Live 95FM.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think a 4 Day Work Week would suit your company?

Who is the 4 Day Week for?

All full-time employees of ICE Group and our companies will be part of Project 475100 - The 4 Day Week. 

Will the company only open 4 days per week?

We will continue to operate 6 days per week as normal to ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients. Work patterns will change and improve without affecting our award-winning standards.

What happens on a Bank Holiday weekend?

We aim to uphold the 4 Day Week, which may result in some adjustments for our employees, but will not impact our clients.

Have your staff taken a pay cut for this?

Not at all! The 4 Day Week is designed to increase our personal time and morale. We hope to do the same amount of work in less time by becoming more focused and efficient in the workplace. By doing this, everyone may then enjoy an extra day off each week! 

How can I learn more about this initiative?

You've come to the right place.
Over the coming months, we will be updating our Articles, Video, and Social Media with our progress through this brilliant idea. 
If you want to talk to our team for advice, simply fill in the Contact Form below. 

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