Imagine being told that your workplace was moving to a 4 Day Week, but no-one was going to find out for 2 weeks.

And you had to put together information on the move for everyone else to read.

I had made it into the inner circle. I was told about the move to a 4 Day Week before everyone else because I was going to be working on documentation for the big reveal. The plan was to tell everyone at the beginning of our SMART Day.

Before I was invited into the inner circle, there was a small subgroup – renamed to the Pessimists – who came up with possible problems for the transition. Their questions were the basis of our Guide.

We created “A Guide to 475100”, a booklet full of questions and answers on how our new 4 Day Week would work. 475100 is what we call our 4 Day Week internally; 4 out of 7 days working, 5 days pay, and 100% customer satisfaction. Each employee received a Guide with their own Time Person of the Year Award. This is because we believe that our employees will become Person of the Year for their families and friends. They will become Person of the Year in these Groups because they will now have the extra time to do so with their 3 Day Weekend. We made these booklets so that everyone could see our vision, our plan, and how it will work.

Now, it’s time to deliver the good news.

Intern, ICE Group