Project 475100 is a go, and the Implementation Team has a list of tasks to complete before the 1st of July.

Step 1: Review our policies and procedures, we want all our employees to understand what they’re signing up to.

Is everyone clear on the following;

  • The company’s reasons for implementing this trial
  • Project 475100 is an Opt-in project.
  • Our pay is not impacted
  • What is expected of everyone to make this a success
  • How this will affect annual leave and excused absences

Step 2: Agree with every employee what their proposed working hours are. For this project to work we need to turn up on time every day.

The staff suggested what hours would work for them, the Implementation team then came together and reviewed these. This step was extremely important to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction will remain in place, therefore, we had to adjust some staff members’ preferences for this very reason. With the customer at the forefront, our staff were on-board with these changes.

Step 3: Can we be more efficient in the tasks we’re doing? Are there any potential issues that may arise, and what steps can we put in place to avoid these issues?

Project 475100 is all or nothing, everyone wants to work together to make this work.

Step 4: Celebrate!

It’s finally here. We’ve had our final Friday Celebrations of cake and tea and headed into the launch of Project 475100.